Did Brawl Plus Make The Game Better

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Alot of People  wanted brawl  to look more like melee  now they got it ! Brawl Plus
But the problem is  why they want  the  next gen game to look like the Old time melee
Interview whit Master Segio!!

Bm: hello there

M.s. : hello

Bm : lets get  this straight !

M.s. : *laugh* okay lets  do this .

Bm : What did you think about brawl plus ?

M.s : for the  start i dont like brawl plus !

Bm : why?

M.s: because people  want brawl to look like melee they cant just let  this go !

Alot of my friends told me  brawl plus is more fun cause  the gameplay is similar to melee.

The game is made to be  different  to melee not the same ! Nintendo did a great Job

except for putin  methaknight and Diddy kong  *laugh*.

Bm: so you mean brawl plus is a complete Crap?

M.s . No people can play what they want . but is like making melee  look like  super smash bros64

people  dont just realise the  Super smash bros series is made to  be a better  version of the previous one!

not the same . every ssb game is different! so why make a game look like the previous version  ?

Bm : because of the new features and the same time keeping the old gameplay ! *laugh*

M.s :If you want the old gameplay  then play melee cause is imposible to make a game look like the previous


Bm : did you think brawl  +  is more  fun than the  normal brawl ?

M.s : normal  brawl is   a spammy  version i mean is easy to spam and there alot of spammer in the 

brawl scene but brawl + is more fun because   the version reduce like 40% of the spam game !

Bm: Thanks for your time One more question i  ok lets say 2 more !

Ms: Go Ahead!!

Bm: You main snake  since the first day of brawl japanese version still now what

did you think about The Legendary ALLY snake ?  and did you think you can beat him

Ms: i dont really know Ally but i heard alot  about  him  and m2k And i saw alot of video!

he good as hell but he spam a little bit  and i respect that !  and  for whos the best

i dont really know but well if he invite  me to a duel i cant refuse !!

Bm: Why Did you leave  brawl ?

Ms: Cause i was banned because im to strong *Laugh* no really because i need to take care

of  my family my son and my fiancé that  why but  who know maybe i can make a comeback*

Bm: how old are you??

Ms: not of your bizzness!

Bm : haha  thanks  for your time!

ms:  no problem see ya !


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