Mario Kart Worldwide Tournement

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Brawl Manga  And And  Allisbrawl  Present  The Best Mario Kart Online

tournement Worldwide   All mario kart  fan  from around the world  can join  for  the 1st place

wii user  from canada , europe  and usa  can join  this  race to the finish!!!

This  tourney is shedule  for the  5th september 2009 !!

Rule  and information about the tourney  update soon !

For now on pratice  yourselft!!!!!

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Ghaza 08/19/2009 21:29

I'm from morroco I speak french and english so I speak english caus it's more cool lolI play mariokart but I'm not a PGM !I want to play youre tournament for little fun I will give you my Friend Code In an other comment !

BrawlManga 08/20/2009 02:02

Ok Cool so i will add you to the Current Player List Be sure to check it!!