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  • La96 Join! Brawlmanga

    28 July 2009 ( #Update )

    The Falco Mainer La96 A.k.a. Darkshadow is now a member of The BrawlManga Team! So if you got some question or request even some idea about the brawl manga and some texture hack Just let him know! La96 Est maintenant membre de la team Brawlmanga donc...

  • Ancient Rival

    01 August 2009 ( #Update )

    Hey All Is Ya Boy La96 The Front Story for This Week Is the CrossOver Between Two Rival Admiral Pit And Cruel The Past Between Ther Rivalry The Manga Is Shedule to The 7 August 2009 So be patient Yall Wanna Know Why Those Two Hate each other Stay Tune...

  • Mario Kart Worldwide Tournement

    07 August 2009 ( #Update )

    Brawl Manga And And Allisbrawl Present The Best Mario Kart Online tournement Worldwide All mario kart fan from around the world can join for the 1st place wii user from canada , europe and usa can join this race to the finish!!!...

  • Wiisx We Test Only Tactical And Rpg Games

    07 August 2009 ( #Hack )

    Are you a fan or rpg game or tactikal rpg game ? you wanna if a game work before you downloads , you wanna know the best rpg in playstation 1 you are in the right place Wiily and Cruel is on fire for test those games for you if you have some problem just...

  • Did Brawl Plus Make The Game Better

    10 August 2009 ( #Update )

    Alot of People wanted brawl to look more like melee now they got it ! Brawl Plus But the problem is why they want the next gen game to look like the Old time melee Interview whit Master Segio!! Bm: hello there M.s. : hello Bm : lets get this straight...

  • Dolphin is Out!!

    16 August 2009 ( #Hack )

    Heolla fellaz the new emulator GC/Wii for pc is out so now you can play some gamecube wii game on your computer twinlight princess work like charm i will keep the list up to date !!!!! and yes Brawl work on this where you can get this emulator Pm me !!...

  • Mario Kart Worldwide Tournement Current Player List!

    17 August 2009 ( #Update )

    1.Cruel (Hoster) (Canada 2.Chaostech(Hoster) (Usa) 3.Sonic (Usa) 4.KillerCode (usa) 5.Negga(Hoster)(Canada 6._Money_(Usa) 7.Arod_152(Usa 8.Fla (Usa) 9.Hugh Heff (Usa 10.Mario_101 11.Mygl (Usa) 12.Xaltis (hoster) (Usa) 13. King Of Anfield (Ireland Europe)...

  • Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Street fighter 4 Baintu Kengi Tournement

    30 September 2009 ( #Update )

    This is the biggest online Capcom-Marvel tournement in the net featuring some high success game such as marvel vs capcom 2 and Street fighter 4! The Tournement id due to 23-24 october 2009(saturday&sunday A 2 days -event So come cross ,sword ,Gun !!!...

  • Thanks You !

    25 July 2009

    i wanna thanks all those people in allisbrawl who lets me use their name in my manga so i will uploads the chapter 4 this week . thanks you all ! About this site is where for now on im gonna post every chapter and video , combo .or other so please people...

  • Brawl Manga Join

    02 August 2009

    Hey All :) Brawl Manga Is Now In Gamebattles .com For the Following Game: Street fighter 4 -Mario kart wii-Super Smash Bros Brawl And much more. For that we need more people to join our team there that why if you feel like be a part of the team just lets...

  • Incoming tournement and brawlmanga Update

    18 September 2009

    Sorry for the long delay Brawlmanga is now working for a major update in our website -Tournement list - Info about the manga and the Amazing chapter :5 Legendary Warrior - Brawl Movie gonna be a Tight Movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - we Gonna have our own...

  • Updates!

    25 July 2009 ( #Update )

    Welcome to my webpage every one this is where i post some chapter of the Manga brawl Adventure . This is also where im gonna post some Uncoming Mario kart Manga. So stay tune for more . For the moment i need Some staff to help me there !

  • Texture Hack post and downloads

    11 August 2009 ( #Hack )

    Dunno the name yet (downloads link coming soon?

  • Barney Caillou Gilbert Join The Brawl!!

    16 August 2009 ( #Hack )

    Yesh Caillou is in brawl barney and gilbert are in the party dont get it wrong but caillou rape as hell and barney is the danm char but gilbert is a little spammy char enjoy where you can downloads those pm or contact HOW TO UNLOCK...

  • Mario Kart Worldwide Tournement Time and Date!

    03 September 2009 ( #Update )

    Well hey everyone is Willy this is a little update about the tournement and where the tourney gonna be held! Time : 9:15PM EST 8:15PM CST 7:15PM MST 6:15PM PST LIVE STREAM Chat Room : E xtra Rule : Be there 20 minutes...

  • New Chapter 4 is Out !!!!

    26 July 2009

    sorry for the long wait the chapter 4 is now out and again sorry for the english text i wanna make this more funny So go check a look and tell us what you think about it thanks yo yall!

  • Brawl Manga Chapter 3(English)

    25 July 2009 ( #Chapter )

  • Brawl Manga Chapter 4

    26 July 2009 ( #Chapter )

  • 7-Ghost Episode 20

    22 August 2009 ( #Animes )

    (**)Toggle to full Screen and Enjoy!!

  • Naruto Shippuden 123

    22 August 2009 ( #Animes )

    (**)Toggle Full Screen And Enjoy!!!